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Snorkeling with whale sharks, both for divers and snorkelers an unforgettable experience.
But not enough! Several of our dive sites offer even the shallower area fantastically colorful and abundant reefs.
Both from land, and with short boat trips, or as part of day trips you can explore our unique marine life while snorkeling.
Our rental equipment is always available to them and is always kept on top hygiene standard!



Whale shark tours:
We have not chosen our name in vain!
Between December and May to keep whale sharks in the immediate vicinity. These gentle giants are usually kept in three separate and protected thanks to the help of our regions. In principle, and also due to the local authorities, a diver has the right equipment in these areas to dive. Snorkeling is permitted due to the low depth at which they are moving the world's largest fish, and more than impressive.
Some dive sites are located in the immediate vicinity of the protected areas. Therefore, the probability the direct encounter during a dive is relatively large. We would like to point out however that it is not allowed to touch this peace-living organisms, to let go along and carry out other actions which could contribute to a disruption of this animal.



whaleshark divers


whaleshark divers




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