W E L C O M E - B O R A C A Y!!

Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, fine white sand beaches, which quietly crunching under your feet, and lush hilly landscapes, fascinating to a stunningly idyllic tourist destination that guarantees you and capture you with its harmony and natural beauty. Visitors commonly refer to Boracay as a wonderful, incredibly magical island. A paradise in the pristine waters of the South China Sea.

Boracay must be one of the world boast of the possession of the finest beaches - the "White Beach", a wide, 3.5 km long strip of sunny beaches, turquoise waters, surrounded by his forever.

The main beaches offer a wide range of water sports facilities, modern equipment can be hired and professional tuition from the experts, there are at affordable prices, including scuba diving, sailing (especially the local boom messenger) and windsurfing.

Let's get you an offer and decide whether your next holiday will be held in Boracay.

Boracay can be very enjoyable book with Puerto Galera together. Every day, large passenger ships of Batangas to Boracay and we can therefore offer you these services.





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