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Here we present you the Apo Reef Club before on the back of the island of Mindoro. The resort was built in 2007 in Occidental Mindoro near Calintaan / San Jose and is under Swiss management. The resort is right on the beach, offering diving locally at site and of course to Apo Reef. In the spring of 2013 they intend to offer from the dive to the wreck diving in Coron also.



The Apo Reef is located in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, and is the second largest, on a single coral reef constructed floor, and also has the largest atoll in the Philippines. It is now part of the Apo Reef National Park (ARNP), was founded in 1996 as a nature reserve (UNESCO) and is a region courted various environmental organizations such as "Haribon Foundation" or "WWF Philippines." The ARNP is on three islands and a total of 27.05 acres total.


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